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name type country bore and stroke length weight
1ansch├╝tz 333spring piston break barrelgermany28x? mm
2artemis cr600wco2china92 cm2.1 kg
3artemis cp1 carbineco2china61 cm1.5 kg
4baikal izh 38spring piston break barrelrussia25x57 mm (28 cm3)105 cm2.8 kg
5baikal izh 60spring piston sideleverrussia25x57 mm (28 cm3)77 cm2.4 kg
6cometa fenix 400 premierspring piston break barrelspain26x100 mm (53 cm3)114 cm3.2 kg
7crosman optimusspring piston break barrelchina25x? mm107 cm2.9 kg
8diana 24spring piston break barrelgermany25x56 mm (27 cm3)106 cm2.6 kg
9diana 34spring piston break barrelgermany1988: 28x77 mm (47 cm3), 1990: 28x87 mm (53 cm3)1988: 115 cm, 1990: 116 cm3.2 kg
10diana 35spring piston break barrelgermany28x72 mm (44 cm3)110 cm3.2 kg
11diana 52spring piston sidelevergermany28x100 mm (61 cm3)110 cm4.2 kg
12feinwerkbau 300 sspring piston sidelevergermany24x65 mm (29 cm3)110 cm4.5 kg
13lucznik 87spring piston break barrelpoland28x65 mm (40 cm3)109 cm3.1 kg
14shanghai airgun factory qb58spring piston sideleverchina25x? mm87 cm3.1 kg
15slavia 620spring piston break barrelczechoslovakia25x57 mm (28 cm3)109 cm2.7 kg
16slavia 631spring piston break barrelczechoslovakia25x? mm116 cm3 kg
17smk th208spring piston break barrelchina28x? mm104 cm3.3 kg
18walther lgrsingle stroke pneumatic sidelevergermany112 cm4.9 kg
19walther lgv master prospring piston break barrelgermany25x88 mm (43 cm3)109 cm4.4 kg
20weihrauch hw 35spring piston break barrelgermany30x65 mm (46 cm3)114 cm3.7 kg
21weihrauch hw 50 sspring piston break barrelgermany26x71 mm (37 cm3)102 and 93 cm3.1 kg
22weihrauch hw 97 kspring piston underlevergermany26x81 mm (43 cm3)102 cm4.1 kg