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weihrauch hw 97 k


- type: spring piston underlever

- country: germany

- caliber: 4.5 mm

- bore and stroke: 26x81 mm (43 cm3)

- length: 102 cm

- weight: 4.1 kg

- misc: rekord adjustable trigger


jsb exact 0.547 g: 255 m/s => 17.8 joules (13.1 fpe).


- stock stripped and finished with boiled linseed oil. grew a dislike for the checkered parts, filled them, stippled the grip and painted everything black.

- hair curler and plastic washer in silencer.

- trigger blade stripped and polished, new silver trigger adjustment screw (gold is not my thing).
weihrauch_hw_97_k_13.jpg weihrauch_hw_97_k_11.jpg weihrauch_hw_97_k_12.jpg