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shanghai airgun factory qb58




spring piston sidelever

4.5 mm

87 cm


jsb exact 0.547 g

199 m/s => 10.8 joules


- stock stripped, modified, stained brown and treated with boiled linseed oil.

- new butt pad made of cotton micarta.

- new cocking lever handle made of cotton micarta.

- new anti bear trap release button made of oak.

- barrel shortened to 25 cm.

- 1/2 20 unf silencer adapter.

- trigger shoe.

- misc parts polished.

- misc screws/bolts changed to stainless steel.

version 2:

- new stock made of 45 (15 x 3) mm birch plywood, clear coated.

- new butt pad made of cotton micarta.

- new anti bear trap release button made of steel.

- new trigger guard made of stainless steel.

version 3:

- original stock painted black and swirl dipped in red.

- adjustable butt pad.

version 4:

- plywood stock stripped, holes in the comb for weight reduction, painted black.

version 5:

- comb holes filled for cleaner look.

- new trigger guard made of aluminium.

- rubber butt pad. airgun_stock.jpg airgun_stock_02.jpg airgun_stock_03.jpg airgun_stock_04.jpg airgun_stock_05.jpg airgun_stock_06.jpg airgun_stock_07.jpg airgun_stock_08.jpg airgun_stock_09.jpg airgun_stock_10.jpg sag_qb58.jpg sag_qb58_02.jpg sag_qb58_03.jpg sag_qb58_04.jpg sag_qb58_05.jpg sag_qb58_06.jpg sag_qb58_07.jpg sag_qb58_08.jpg sag_qb58_09.jpg sag_qb58_10.jpg sag_qb58_11.jpg sag_qb58_12.jpg sag_qb58_13.jpg sag_qb58_14.jpg sag_qb58_15.jpg sag_qb58_16.jpg sag_qb58_17.jpg sag_qb58_18.jpg sag_qb58_tactical.jpg sag_qb58_with_silencer.jpg