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pellet traps

pellet trap 1:

- 50 x 70 x 40 cm (width x height x depth), target area 43 x 43 cm.

- made of 6 mm plywood and 23x36 mm spruce.

- replaceable steel plate in the back.

- replaceable rubber mat behind the steel plate to quiet things down.

- replaceable cloth in front of the steel plate to stop ricochets.

- replaceable front.

- v-shaped floor to help collecting pellets etc.

- misc ways to hang targets.

- 4 x rubber feet.

- straps to hang it on the wall.

pellet trap 2:

- 30 x 30 x 15 cm (width x height x depth).

- made of 9 and 6 mm plywood.

- 7 cm of replaceable cloth in the back.

- cardboard in front of the cloth, held in place with nails.

- keyhole in the back to hang it on the wall.
pellet_trap.jpg pellet_trap_02.jpg pellet_trap_03.jpg pellet_trap_05.jpg