:: airguns


not to big, not to much magnification. older is nice, great value for money.


- bsa essential 4x32 ao
- bsa essential 3-9x40 ao
- "leapers" 4x32 ao (compact)
- nikko stirling mountmaster 4x40 ao
- nikon prostaff 3-9x40 ao
- sabre airgunner 4x32 ao


- tasco 4x15 (#601vd, tv-view, my first back in the day)
- bushnell sportview 2-6x20
- nikko stirling silver crown 4x32
- tasco 3-9x32 (#629a)
- tasco 2-6x20 (#611v, tv-view)
- simmons 3-9x32 (#1028)
- tasco 4x40 (wa4x40)
- tasco 4x32 (w4x32-1)
tasco_601vd_4x15.jpg bushnell_sportview_1.5-4.5x20.jpg nikko_stirling_silver_crown_4x32.jpg tasco_629a_3-9x32.jpg tasco_611v_2-6x20_03.jpg tasco_611v_2-6x20_02.jpg simmons_1028_3-9x32.jpg